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Our certified experts help you develop your marketing strategy and custom tools, monitor performance and increase your MROI.
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Leveraging advanced analytics technologies to gain actionable insight from your business data towards achieving competitive advantage in your markets.
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Cloud CRM Platform

We help you start your Salesforce CRM on the cloud, customize it to make a perfect match with your business processes, and integrate it with your other business software.
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Inbound & Content Marketing with Pardot

Earn the attention of your target audience and turn them into quality leads by employing the latest content and inbound marketing technologies like Pardot.
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Cloud Data Analytics & Visualization

Industry leading analytics and visualization tools and techniques for continuous exploration of your past business performance to gain insight for better planning and decisions.
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A Fresh Breeze Through The Cloud

Cetrix Cloud Services is a Business Unit of Cetrix Technologies Ltd., a leading mobile computing device manufacturer with a global customer base spanned across four continents.

We have initiated Cetrix Cloud Services to respond to the growing demand for integrated cloud and mobile computing services in various sectors. We especially focus on enabling our customers to utilize the benefits of both technologies in acquiring, conversion and retaining new customers.

Our services combine the most advanced marketing and sales tools and techniques from world's top firms such as HubSpot and Salesforce, complemented by extensive business data analytics tools from prominent and innovative companies such as IBM, Google and Cloudera to name a few.

Cetrix also offers its expertise to companies intending to participate in public or private sector bids by analyzing RFPs and preparing proposals.

Core Marketing, Sales and Analytics Services

Cetrix offers core services that are integrated into complete solutions for SMBs and startups.

Salesforce Platform Services

Salesforce CRM for SMEs and Startups

Cetrix wants every startup and SME to be armed with advanced CRM technology from Salesforce that guarantees systematic and continuous progress towards your company goals.

Salesforce Administration & Development Services

Our Salesforce certified staff provide you with Administration and Development services for SalesforceIQ and Sales Cloud, and help you develop a road map for expanding and scaling your CRM inline with your company strategy.


Cetrix Cloud Services can integrate different platforms and cloud applications such as Salesforce, Google and Linkedin into a unified cloud software platform with, consistent with your strategy and business processes.


Inbound & Content Marketing


Inbound Marketing

Our inbound marketing experts help you devise a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that encompasses content strategy, lifecycle marketing, multi-channel marketing, and lead nurturing and qualification.

Pardot Marketing Automation

Our certified Pardot developers and consultants are eager to setup your B2B marketing automation platform and get you going quickly so you can start seeing positive results within a month after launch date.

Content Creation & Distribution

Content is at the core of inbound marketing strategy. We will help you develop a comprehensive and effective content creation and distribution plan, and the indicators to measure the performance of your content strategy.

Analytics & Big Data

Our cloud data analytics solutions are easy to work with and quickly deployable solutions that allow your teams to aggregate, analyze, visualize and collaborate on data for forecasting and planning your marketing and sales operation.

Big Data Analytics

Using technologies from Apache, Cloudera, IBM and Google, we bring together your data from disparate sources to give you a single point of view on the cloud and provide you with data analysis and visualization tools that best fit your industry and purpose.

Intelligent Applications

Utilizing advanced AI tools such as Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms, we use machine learning, natural language and speech processing, and machine vision to build intelligence into your existing or new applications, raising their efficiency, productivity and quality to a whole new level.

RFP & Proposal Services

RFP Requirements

Cetrix will analyze your RFP and summarize the requirements in a detailed Compliance Table. We will provide recommendations as to how to best respond to each requirement based on long experience of our staff in working on RFPs in public and private sector bids.

Proposal Assessment & Preparation

Cetrix has staff members with over 10 years of experience in preparing proposals for local and state bids and multi-million dollar federal government contracts. We can either take full responsibility for a proposal, or help your in-house team to prepare a winning proposal.

Preparation of Project Plans & Deliverables

Our experienced staff can help you prepare some of the important project deliverables such as Project Time Schedule, EHS and Quality Plans, Risk Management Plan, preparation of technical documents, etc. for timely approval and project start.

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